Elite Image started as the brainchild of Chad McDermott. He began shooting images for his school yearbooks in 1979 and has been learning to paint-with-light ever since. Elite Image began serving up great & unique images to commercial clients in 2006. Either directly or through stock photo agencies Elite Image has licensed over 100,000 distinctive images worldwide to discerning companies.

Elite Image is the work & inspiration of Chad McDermott.

“I feel images can be more than pretty pictures. Images can move, images can motivate, & images can change someone. Images can slow down a hectic world & thus slow us down too.”

Chad McDermott holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. He has studied photography & architecture from an early age, learning the rules & innovations of design. He has worked for architects, builders, and in business - so is well versed in what it takes to make great & distinctive images for commercial clients. He enjoys the challenge of uniquely showcasing each client.

Elite Image seeks to collaborate with clients; to engage them in the process. Hands-on and ever curious, your images should reflect who you are; and who you want to be. Learning to see yourself in a different & distinct way is of vital importance to Elite Image - we strive to bring out the best, and to showcase it to your audience. Let’s Go.

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